ColorFlex EZ

ColorFlex EZ

ColorFlex 45°/0° Design: For Relentless Perfection in Color Quality

HunterLab's ColorFlex® EZ offers the advantage of 45°/0° design ensuring that you not only get your colors right - but perfect every time. It is the optimal and only instrument design that measures your samples the way the human eye does. It lets you see your colors exactly the way your customers do, not just in the lab but in the real world.

More Connectivity

More Option with 3 USB 2.0 communications port to connect to a wide variety of devices:

  • USB Flash drives to transfer results to several machines or computers
  • Keyboards to enter custom sample IDs manually
  • Barcode scanners to acquire samples fast without data entry errors
  • Printers to get instant hard copies of sample readouts
  • Computers to [plot data using HunterLabs's optional EasyMatch® QC software

More Simplicity

Easy to operate for all your color measurement challenges:

  • Small Size requiring very little benchtop space
  • "One-touch" operation

More Performance

More capabilities for increased performance and better outcomes:

  • Sampling versatility to measure everything from opaque solid, liquids, powders, granules, and pellets to translucent solids and liquids
  • Easy data transfer to move set ups and standards from one instrument to another and upload or download to USB flash drives for back ups
  • Expanded sample storage for 250 setups, product standards and tolerances and up to 2000 sample measurements

More Flexibility

Built-in software using 250 set up configurations with product standard values and tolerances for a wide variety of parameters including:

  • Color Scale, Indices, Illuminant and Observer to specify condition under which data is reported
  • Standard values to identify product standards or targets for color comparisons
  • Pass / fail tolerances to measures againts product specifications
  • Averaging to provide accurate measurements of uneven or inconsistent samples
  • Display formats to report measurement data multiple ways such as color data, color difference data, and spectral difference data
  • A variety of sample handling accessories

Target Industries

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Building Materials
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Paint & Coatings
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Textile